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Clay Artwork 2018 - 2020

During my last few years at high school I took the ceramics and sculpture class and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I discovered something I really enjoyed and ended up staying during lunch time to continue working on my clay crafts.

This clay head I sculpted by far took the longest. One of my friends even gave it a name, Petunia. I’m really interested in portraits and faces, which is reflected in what I decided to sculpt. I gave it to my nana and she has a plant in the head for hair.

For this piece I combined the use of clay with wood, resin, and hot glue. It’s three eyes that sit on the wooden board, with hot glue as teardrops in blue resin.

My idea for these face parts was to have them on my wall. I find them quite fun and enjoy having them as décor in my room.

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