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GTEC Term 2 Final Project

For this project I worked in a group with two of my classmates, Chris and Camellia. We worked together to develop an advertisement package for our program which included brochures, posters, information cards, and a display piece. We had another teacher act as our buyer and therefore we would have weekly meetings with her to discuss the design. The resulting design comes from what she preferred and signed off on.

The theme was a flight ticket, so our brochures and cards look like tickets. The posters look like what you can pack in your suitcase. For the display piece I had the idea of making it look like a passport, to match our theme. It’s printed on a white cardboard. I added the mirror, so that when someone stands in front of it, it looks like it’s their passport photo.

This is what the file for the brochures looked like:

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