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GTEC Term 3 Final Project

As part of the Graphic Communications Technology Management program at BCIT, I had the opportunity to design, print, and bring to life my own ticket package.

The criteria for this project was very specific in regards to size and what we could do, but I wanted to make mine unique. The project itself is to create a season ticket package, which would include a box, tray, 40 tickets, and a booklet.

To make mine stand out, I had the idea to have a cut-out on the box, which gives a look into the package. Unfortunately we did not have a table cutter in the lab at this time, so I had to cut the shape out by hand, which took some practice and extra makeready. I’m happy with how the design worked out on the printed piece and enjoyed working on this project.

Here is the PDF I created for my booklet, as part of this project.

Download PDF • 7.49MB

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