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GTEC Term 4 Final Project

This was the last group project in the GTEC (Graphic Communications Technology Management) program. For this project I worked in a team of 4 to design and deliver promotional materials to a local business: Pacific Water Sports. We created gift card holders, brochures, and a vinyl decal for the shop window, as stated amongst all the details in our Terms of Reference, here:

Download PDF • 87KB

To stay organized here is the GTEC docket that I filled out and gave to my team members:

Here is a brief video showing the products we made:

We wanted the colours used in the designs to match the colours of the store's logo. We were sent photos of the storefront and business card. We didn't have exact colour values, so I created the below form for the customer which I printed on all the stocks we were using. The customer compared the swatches to his logo colours and chose the swatches he thought matched best. We then made sure to use those colour values in all of the designs.

My team members, Thomas and Agnes, were in charge of bringing the gift card holders to life and they truly did an amazing job! They created the below dieline, which is perfect for a gift card holder. I sent them the artwork, which they added to the file. They printed these 6 up on the digital printer and then cut using a Cricut. They are sized to perfectly fit a card inside.

Download AI • 1.43MB

Below is how they look on the outside. For the inside we chose to use an image of an underwater scene.

Below is the brochure that I designed. The process for the brochure was relatively simple, it being a commonly printed item. The brochures were digitally printed, cut to size, and then all folded at once with the folder machine.

At the beginning of the project we had meetings with our customer over Zoom to determine what we could make for him and what kind of designs he liked. The project began in January and we had until the end of April to complete it. We completed the brochures and gift card holders within 1 month and then focused on creating the vinyl. We printed the vinyl decal on the OCE Arizona printer in the GTEC lab which uses UV inks. We learnt how to use the roll-to-roll function for this. In April we went and installed the vinyl on his store window. Here are some before and after pictures!

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