Perfect Bound Books

In the GTEC lab at BCIT, I fell in love with the perfect binder. It was probably my favourite machine to use, because I could create BOOKS!

I had a great teacher show me how to use this machine and with practice I learnt how to use it on my own. After inserting the book block, the perfect binder grinds the spine and applies glue. A cover is fed onto a table where the spine is pinched and the cover folded onto the book. It’s truly amazing what this machine can do!

I made ten copies of two books with the binder during lab time. One was for my dad and was a collection of his travel photos. The other book was filled with album art that I like. I gave both books simple, unprinted, black covers. But I didn’t want them to look simple; I had plans for how to make these covers unique. For my dad's book, I set the very first page to be this wonderful photo of a girl and laid it out so that when I cut a square in the middle of the cover, her eye would show through. I had to cut all the covers by hand, but it was worth it. For the album art book, I added a disco ball to the front. I achieved this by cutting little pieces out of a mirrored adhesive material.

(More photos coming soon)

I’m really happy with how these turned out and they are some of my favourite portfolio pieces.